87% of Aussie tech employees want higher raises

Credit: Photo 144500823 © Theerapan Bhumirat | Dreamstime.com

Most of the workforce across the Australian technology sector think they deserve higher raises than what they are offered in the face of strong performance and demand for skills.

This is according to recruitment firm Hays, which stated in its Salary Guide FY22/23 report for Australia and New Zealand that 85 per cent of tech employers are set to increase salaries in their next review.

Of this number, 34 per cent will raise salaries by over 3 per cent, while 51 per cent will provide a raise under 3 per cent.

However, 87 per cent of employees Hays spoke to said their performance in their roles and rising demand for their capabilities during an ongoing skills shortage is worth a raise above 3 per cent.

As part of that demand, the most sought after role are business analysts, which recorded average wages ranging from $82,000 a year up to $160,000, according to the recruitment firm.

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