Community tech centres on way for nation’s high schools

In line with the Cambodian Digital Economy and Social Policy Framework 2021-2035, the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has initiated – in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport – the establishment of “community tech centres” in high schools across the country.

Minister of Posts and Telecommunications Chea Vandeth said at the August 25 launch of a “love package” project on in Bati district’s Doung commune, Takeo province that construction of the tech centres would stimulate the development of skills and increase the digital capacity of their users, including students and local officials. They would also serve as a hub for improving access to digital services in their communities.

He hoped that the China Foundation for Peace and Development would look into the possibility of cooperating on this important project.

He added that the implementation of the project in Doung commune reflected efforts made by the civil society coordinating bodies of the two countries – the Chinese NGO Network for International Exchanges and the Civil Society Alliance Forum to expand their cooperation in promoting education in Cambodia.

“I offer my deepest thanks to the Chinese government and its people for their continued support of the people of Cambodia as good friends and good neighbours in our shared history,” he continued.

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