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Mozilla Firefox 101.0.1 will be released later today (if you are reading this on June 9, 2022). The new point release of Firefox Stable fixes three main issues and several smaller issues, including a rare issue on Windows that is making the browser unusable.

Firefox 101.0.1

The new Firefox 101.0.1 will be released for all supported desktop systems. Firefox updates are distributed automatically to most devices the browser is run on, thanks to the built-in updating functionality.

Firefox users may display the current version by going to Menu > Help > About Mozilla Firefox. A small window pops up listing the version. Firefox will run a check for updates when the window is opened, and will download and install updates, if found, automatically on most systems.

Firefox 101.0.1 addresses three main issues, each affecting a different operating system.

  • Fixed Firefox clearing the clipboard when closing on macOS (bug 1771823)
  • Fixed a compatibility issue causing severely impaired functionality with win32k lockdown enabled on some Windows systems (bug 1769845)
  • Fixed context menus not appearing when right-clicking Picture-in-Picture windows on some Linux systems (bug 1771914)

Issue 1: Non-functioning browser for some Windows users

Firefox started to become unusable for some users. The issue was reported  to Mozilla last month on the organization’s bug tracking site. The reported stated that most of Firefox’s interface became non-functional in a Windows 10 virtual machine. Another user reported that the issue was experienced on a Windows 11 machine. Mozilla backed out of certain changes, and this appears to have resolved the issue for the affected users.

Issue 2: Clipboard is cleared on Mac OS when Firefox is closed

Users who run Firefox on Apple Macintosh devices reported that the browser was clearing the clipboard when it was closed. Firefox should not clear the clipboard on exit, and it does not do so on Windows or Linux devices.

Mozilla found the issue and resolved it.

Issue 3:  Right-click context menus of Picture-in-Picture mode are not working

The right-click menu that Firefox displays when users right-click Picture-in-Picture windows did not appear on some Linux distributions. Picture-in-Picture mode allows users to move media streams to a dedicated window that acts independently from the main browser window for the most part.

Mozilla fixed the issue.

Firefox 101.0.1 includes several unspecified stability fixes next to the three main fixes.


Firefox 101.0.1 fixes issues in Mac, Windows and Linux versions

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Firefox 101.0.1 fixes issues in Mac, Windows and Linux versions


Mozilla Firefox 101.0.1 fixes three issues in Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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