Firms get creative with workplace solutions ahead of next year’s flexible work arrangement guidelines

“During my free time or if I suddenly have last-minute cancelled plans, I can actually find available shifts online. And actually, it can help me maximise my work hours,” said the 22-year-old undergraduate.

Full-timers, such as store manager Sarah Lee, are also starting to come on board.

Ms Lee, who has a son, shared that the app allows her to be there when her family needs her.

“It gives me a peace of mind knowing that I have the support from the company, and also being able to find the coverage for the store,” said the 30-year-old.


Some other firms have even fewer possibilities for remote working, such as electrical engineering firm Cyclect, which has over 300 staff dealing with machines on-site in their factory.

“The equipment that they rely on are always found in our workshop. So in that regard, there are very limited opportunities for them to take some of their work home,” said executive director Tan Ee Wei. 

“At the very most, it’s probably design work. But for the most part, heavy equipment (and) machinery are all found in the central space in the workshop.”

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