‘Forgot you were alive’: Internet shares DUMBEST reasons exes gave before breaking up

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: A recent Internet discussion saw several people sharing the most bizarre reasons their exes gave before breaking up. When a Reddit user asked others to share why their exes broke up with them, fellow netizens appeared delighted with the opportunity to vent. The OP’s question read, “People of Reddit, what is the dumbest reason your (ex) partner gave for cheating?” The question garnered around 6.1K comments within two days.


Fellow Redditors were quick to reveal the ‘dumbest reasons‘ why their ex broke up/cheated. One user hilariously explained his ex-girlfriend forgot he was “alive.” The user wrote, “My ex-girlfriend said i forgot you were alive For details I wasn’t in the military, I was in university.”


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‘Got pregnant and then got married again’

Another interesting comment read, “She met someone that she immediately saw herself marrying. A month after we broke up she moved across the country, got married, called me to tell me she made a mistake, got divorced, moved back home, got pregnant and then got married again. Her Current age : 22.”


‘Well, we never made it official’

A third user explained his heart-wrenching story and wrote, “I got “well, we never made it official” We had split up for a few months before they asked to move back in as friends. Before long she’s sleeping in my bed, we’re doing all the couple stuff again, she’s telling me she loves me, we’re playing family, etc.” The user added, “Literal years go by, she starts a new job, starts banging some guy, wouldn’t leave even though I told her she had to leave, I knew she was cheating. Awesome human.”

‘She didn’t know who the father was’

Another user explained about his brother’s divorce, and how his wife cheated on him. The user wrote, “I sounds almost like my brother. He went home early from work and found his wife was in their bed with another man. She moved in with her bf. Brother divorced her.”


The same user added, “The ex got into a fight with her bf and my brother let her move back in. A few weeks later, she found out she was pregnant. She did not know who the father was because she had sex with both guys in the same week she got pregnant. After the baby was born, he looked like the bf. She stayed with my brother for 3 years until she moved out and got her own place, since she was seeing another man. She was with that guy for a few years, until she moved on to another guy. I think there might be a guy after him.”




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