Google, Apple, Meta, Amazon or Twitter? Know which big tech company collects most user data

Data privacy is a myth. Nothing is safe on web these days. With so much being discussed and debated on data privacy every day and in almost every corner of the world, it isn’t a shock to know that we are always being watched and our data is constantly being tracked without our consent. Almost all the big tech companies have been accused of spying on these data and using them for personal gains. But in case you are wondering which company collects the highest amount of data and just how much data is tracked of yours, an analysis conducted by has answers for you.

The analysis revealed that Google collects the highest amount of user data amidst the five big tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Meta, and Twitter. To be precise, Google collects 39 types of data points in comparison to Twitter that collects 24 types of data points making it the second highest data aggregator. Amazon collects 23 types of data, Facebook tracks 14 kinds of data and the least number of data points are collected by Apple which is 12.

“Most people do not have the time or patience to read privacy policies that can be several pages long for each website they visit. Also, it is quite unlikely that all users have a background in law to properly grasp the privacy policy,” Edith Reads from said in a statement.

“Besides the fact that users aren’t able to find patience, time or the energy to discover what information websites store and how they can use it to benefit. This means that users are able to allow Google to access all the information they require by accepting the privacy policies,” Reads added.

According to the survey, Google leads at tracking the highest amount of your data. Given that their entire business model depends on data, this should come as no surprise. Facebook and Twitter also save far more data than is necessary. However, Facebook primarily stores the data that users enter. When it comes to user privacy protection, Apple does a better job than Amazon with storing only those data that are required to keep users’ accounts active. According to the report, this is because their website is less dependent on advertising revenue than are Google, Twitter, and Facebook.

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