Google’s New Update Brings Promised Clear Calling, Free VPN Features To The Pixel 7 Series

Google is launching the newest updates for Pixel today, which include the free VPN and Clear Calling features that the public has been waiting for since October.

This latest drop brings a call quality enhancement function and a new privacy and security settings hub to not only Pixel 7 but also to Pixel 7 Pro.

Pixel 7, 7 Pro Owners Will Enjoy These New Exclusive Features For Free

In the past four months since the release of Android 13, Pixel owners have been on the lookout for fresh features to arrive on their devices to increase their stability through improvements.

However, Pixel series owners will not have to wait anymore as Google brings long-awaited updates bulked up in the December rollout.

According to Engadget, Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro users can now use the Google One VPN on their phones for free, which was previously bundled with a storage plan worth $10 per month.

This VPN should keep users safe as it helps keep browsing habits secure when using the web or in apps, even when connected to public WiFi.

However, the biggest update for Pixel appears to be Clear Calling, which is an AI-powered feature that can cancel out noise in environments to make calls better.

The Clear Calling feature enhances the voice of the callers while it drowns out the noise to let the other person in the conversation hear and understand them better.

Moreover, Google also introduced new features to Recorder, which now lets the AI-based voice memo app transcribe and organize recordings when multiple voices are detected, Android Police writes.

This will be possible with the introduction of line breaks when the speakers change the transcription, which is a feature that journalists and other professionals might enjoy.

According to Google, there will be more updates dropping in January, including the spatial audio for Pixel Buds Pro paired with Pixel phones.

This will reportedly provide a head-tracked surround-sound effect when watching movies and shows using the said devices, Engadget notes.

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More Pixel Devices Are Upgraded With New Features As Well

While the December update is most anticipated for the new features it introduces to the Pixel 7 series, Google is not leaving older Pixel devices out of the upgrade.

Android Police reports that a new security and privacy hub is coming to all Pixel phones, which will show users the risk levels and settings for data protection.

It will also alert users when any concern or threat is detected, and it will simultaneously recommend fixes in the process.

This new feature also includes shortcuts to the app security feature, screen lock settings, Find My Device, and Google Security Checkup.

According to Tech Crunch, new Pixel Watch updates will be available too with the launch of the Fitbit Premium feature Sleep Profiles, available even for non-subscribers.

This function tracks the users’ sleep activity, such as its duration, disruptions, and bedtime consistency to analyze their sleep patterns through their new Pixel Watch.

Additionally, Google’s Pixel Watch will now also have Tiles or widget-like screens for Weather and Favorite Contacts to give users information at a quick glance.

The tech giant also promised to bring a fall detection feature to the Pixel Watch next year, which will trigger emergency services if the user is unresponsive, Tech Crunch details.

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