Hilarious footage of Bill Gates ‘dad dancing’ at Microsoft 1995 launch has resurfaced

A resurfaced clip of Bill Gates ‘dad dancing’ at the Windows 95 launch has gone viral. Check his moves out here:

The presentation took place on 24 August 1995, and clearly the boffins behind the Microsoft computer operating system were extremely excited and ready to party.

In the priceless footage from the event, Gates and co can be seen gyrating in near identical polo shirts tucked in trousers ensembles.

As The Rolling Stones’ ‘Start Me Up’ blares out, you could be forgiven for mistaking the Microsoft co-founder with Mick Jagger as he awkwardly shuffles and bobs about the stage.

Hey, we can take the p**s all we like, but I’d like to see Keith Richards oversee the development of a computer operating system used the world over. It would be an absolute mess.

I dunno what this move his, but he should’ve patented it. Credit: Twiter

The brilliant footage from the launch resurfaced on Reddit and Twitter and amassed loads comments, which are almost as enjoyable as the video itself.

One person wrote: “These are dudes who know they are about to go from rich to mega rich.”

Another said: “I vividly remember reading somewhere that seeing Microsoft bosses dance was like watching people kick a dead squirrel around the floor.”

A third added: “I’m surprised with all that money they weren’t able to remove this tragedy from existence. They dance like robots with bad ai.”

While a fourth wrote: “In their defence Windows 95 was f***ing awesome.”

Of course, Gates’ career went from strength to strength, and he has been one of the richest people in the world for a long old time now.

However, he recently revealed he intends to lose his spot on the Forbes World’s Billionaires List while he’s still alive, having recently got the plan moving with a whopping $20 billion donation to the Gates Foundation. 

Gates is aiming to work his way down the rich list. Credit: GARY DOAK / Alamy Stock Photo
Gates is aiming to work his way down the rich list. Credit: GARY DOAK / Alamy Stock Photo

In an interview with Forbes last month, Gates explained how he fully intends to follow the ‘give while you live’ principle popularised by businessman and philanthropist Chuck Feeney, who co-founded airport retailer Duty Free Shoppers with Robert Miller back in 1960. 

Determined to follow a similar path, Gates has vowed to relinquish his rich list spot, with Forbes noting how, thanks to his most recent donation, he ‘drops one spot to number five in the world, with a net worth of some $102 billion sitting outside the foundation’. 

Gates said: “I’ll get myself out of the highly visible part of the list with just say two more gifts of this magnitude. I would get myself off the top part of the list. 

“Getting all the way off the list, that’s going to take me a while, but my direction of travel is clear.”

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