How To Redeem A Gift Card On The Google Play Store

Google Play gift cards can be easily redeemed on the Play Store app and website. Users can use them to purchase apps, movies, books and more.

Users can easily redeem Google Play gift cards, gift codes or promo codes on the Play Store app and website with a few clicks or taps. Whenever a card or promo code is redeemed, the funds are credited into the Google Play account and appear as part of the Google Play balance. Users can then spend that balance to buy anything on the Play Store, including apps, movies, books, subscriptions and more. Users can also use cards and codes to make in-app purchases. However, there’s a maximum limit for purchases using Play Store balance. In the U.S., it is $2,000, while in the U.K, it is £2000.

The Google Play Store was officially launched back in 2008 as Android Market before being rebranded a few years later. Initially, it offered only a handful of apps and services, but the platform has since grown in size to offer millions of applications in a wide range of categories. While the total number of apps exceeded 3.6 million back in 2018, Google has since done some spring cleaning and deleted many malware and obsolete apps from the platform. The company has also made publishing apps on the Play Store harder. As of March 2022, there are still over 2.5 million apps on the Play Store, per Statista.


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To redeem a Play Store gift card, open the Google Play app and tap on the profile picture at the top-right corner of the screen. Now go to Payments & subscriptions and select Redeem gift code.’ To redeem gift codes received via email and other methods, simply type in the code, taking care to enter each digit/letter correctly. Finally, hit the green Redeem button at the bottom to redeem the card. If the code to be redeemed is part of a physical gift card, users can choose the Scan gift card option instead of manually typing out the code. Once the code is accepted as valid, users will be asked to confirm that they want to add the balance to their Google Play account. Simply tap the Confirm button to complete the process and add the amount to the account.

Redeem Google Play Gift Card On The Website

Google Play Store

To redeem a Google Play card on a PC or Mac, log in to the Play Store website on a computer using a web browser. Once logged in, select Redeem on the left sidebar. On the next page, manually type in or copy/paste the gift card code and click the Redeem button at the bottom right corner. Next, hit the Confirm button to add the funds to the Play Store account. Once the balance is added, users will get a message saying Successfully Redeemed.’

Google Play gift cards are not only an excellent gift for loved ones, but they are also a great way to make purchases on the Play Store without using a credit card. Google Play cards are available in many different denominations, starting from $25 and going all the way up to $200. However, it is worth noting that gift cards are not refundable once purchased or transferable to another Google Play account.

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