India Taiwan Global Bamboo Tech Forum 20220607

India- Taiwan Global Bamboo Tech Forum

Date : 24th June 2022 :: South Asia Bamboo Foundation (SABF)

The second edition of the ” India- Taiwan Global Bamboo Tech Forum ” Webinar series on 24th June on the theme “Bamboo Carbon Fixation and Carbon Credit”.

Carbon markets are instrumental in mitigating climate change by reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol proved to be an attractive option for overcoming financial and other barriers to Climate Change mitigation project implementation in developing countries.

With the Paris Agreement in place, there are several avenues that have opened for implementing new project types with the help of Article 6 (market and non-market approaches) in various forms. The voluntary structure of the carbon market has also evolved over the years which is driven by various motives such as corporate responsibility to offset emission footprints of activities, products, and services of individuals and companies. The voluntary carbon market is also promoting a co-benefit approach with consideration of sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Bamboo gives an excellent opportunity for carbon sequestration (carbon fixation in bamboo plantations), carbon reduction (energy generation), and carbon replacement (as a building material and furniture). The eligibility of these options is required to be assessed to acquire carbon finance from voluntary and compliance carbon markets that may help scale up these activities.

Assessment is required from methodological aspects of carbon accounting including, baseline, additionality, and monitoring. The contribution of bamboo in meeting sustainable development goals and associated adaptation benefits makes it quite interesting for the potential buyers. Discourse in bamboo carbon is not new, rather it is a subject of discussion since the initial days of CDM.

Unfortunately, carbon finance for bamboo could not materialize in spite of having market interest and potential. Brainstorming is needed to identify the bottlenecks and to find a model solution that would work to generate momentum for the realization of carbon revenue in changing landscape of carbon markets.

Kamesh Salam

Founder & Executive Director, South Asia Bamboo Foundation

CEO, Cane and Bamboo Value Chain Management(OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

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