InnoMatch brings technology innovations to market

Technology firms are expected to find the potential buyers, bridging innovation results in labs and market demands during the InnoMatch Expo from August 28 to 30 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Connecting supply and demand sides of science and technology, the three-day fair will focus on global technology transfers and presenting a platform for demonstrating innovative solutions, as well as on matchmaking among countries, established corporations, startups and academic institutions. It will connect elites from various industries around the world to create an integrated place for global innovation.

Since its debut in 2020, InnoMatch has helped drive technological achievements in labs to walk across the “last one mile” to achieve industrial and market results. In the past two years, more than 10,000 technical orders have been released and displayed on site, and more than 5,000 on-site connections were realized, with an intended transaction volume exceeding 900 million yuan (US$138.5 million).

The Shanghai Technology Exchange started trading at the fair and opened a “mini version” trading exhibition hall at the second InnoMarch fair, with more than 1,500 listed results and a cumulative turnover of 847 million yuan.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Building A Green Future.” After two years of updates and iterations, the cloud-based exhibition is the first to adopt a 3D Smart Cloud Pavilion, using various cutting-edge technologies such as Metaverse, WebXR (virtual reality and augmented reality), cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and intelligent voice.

The Metaverse exhibition hall can be accessed anytime, anywhere based on the public cloud service. For the first time, the cloud pavilion will offer data sharing with the InnoMatch global supply and demand matching platform, realizing “3+365” (days) matching without interruption; 1:1 reproduction of the physical special decoration pavilion; a 3D virtual avatar to create an immersive user experience; and special booths integrating online communications, business card exchanges, virtual customer service, event live broadcasts and other functions for integrated and customized multidimensional demand.

The cloud pavilion will accommodate nearly 10,000 square meters of display content; publish more than 2,000 technical requirements; display 500 small and medium-sized enterprises’ innovative products and high-tech achievement transformation projects; present 600 high-quality achievements from colleges and universities; settle in over 500 enterprises and institutions; and broadcast more than 30 special events.

Exhibitors at InnoMatch include industrial giants like China Baowu Steel, AstraZeneca, China Construction Eighth Engineering Division, China Resources Group, Sumitomo Mitsui and Sony.

More than 50 professional technology-transfer service providers will boost matching and resource sharing. Over 60 high-tech enterprises and SMEs will debut innovative products, representing cutting-edge technologies and trends.

Special pavilions will include the Netherlands Pavilion of the Guest of Honor Country, Hainan Pavilion of the Guest of Honor Province, European Pavilion, Korean Pavilion, Israeli Pavilion, Chongqing Pavilion, Yunnan Pavilion and Yangtze River Delta Science and Technology Innovation Community Pavilion.

An InnoMatch global supply and demand matching platform will debut, bringing together all elements of technology, talent, services and capital to create an innovative and integrated technology-transfer ecosystem.

Several summits and events will also be held, with themes covering tech firms’ management, green technology, MBA/MPA training, connection between supply and demand, Sino-Japanese innovation, tech transfer and foreign research and development centers.

The expo is divided into four parts: major national achievements, matchmaking for the innovation needs of enterprises, a bridge for global science and technology innovations and the debut of SME’s innovation products.

The global technology supply and demand matching platform officially began operations at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Pujiang Innovation Forum, which takes place on August 27 to 30. Supported by the National Technology Transfer Eastern Center, the platform uses digital technology to create an innovation ecosystem that integrates and matches technology, talent, services and capital, strengthening industry demand and market orientation.

The platform sets up sections such as a demand library, achievement library and industry community to strengthen the digitalization of elements, processes and products in the field of technology transfer. It enhances matching efficiency and accuracy of online work for technical managers and technology-transfer service agencies, forming a strong middle platform with two-way connectivity between the innovation and industrial chains. Finally, it helps enterprises and industries improve technical capabilities and accelerates digital economy development.

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