Leading to production economy via modern technology – Kanaka Herath

Technology State Minister Kanaka Herath said that Sri Lanka must take the helm of a high-tech manufacturing export economy.

The State Minister was addressing the Suhuruliya National Forum on March 15 at the Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall (BMICH).

The Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka, which is under the Technology Ministry, implemented the Suhuruliya programme. It provides women entrepreneurs with training, support, and resources they need to successfully use digital marketing to sell their wares. Over 17,000 women entrepreneurs have been given a voice thanks to this project that began in late 2016, and the lives of about17,5000 people have been enriched as a result.

At the Suhuruliya National Forum, 27 women entrepreneurs and 25 women development officers from across the island were recognised with awards.

State Minister Kanaka Herath remarked that the Suhuruliya programme sent a powerful message to the women entrepreneurs, which will help the country’s economic development in the future.

“It is common knowledge that the nation’s economy is in a dire state. We have an irrevocable obligation to work together to grow the nation’s economy. Even if you attend a university with free education, it is important to analyse how a country progresses towards its development goals, whether it is protesting on the highway to demand employments or protesting on the highway to obtain employments. It is not the time to protest on the highway and paralyse the nation; rather, everyone must contribute to the economic growth of the nation,” the State Minister said.

“Under the direction of President Ranil Wickremesinghe, we have developed all the required strategies to achieve a digital economy by 2030 through new reforms in the country’s information technology industry; but we must earn foreign currency. Tourism, export of goods and employments abroad among others represent a limited field. The field of information technology now offers the opportunity to earn foreign currency. Though. Sri Lanka’s IT sector has earned $1.5 billion in foreign exchange in 2021, our objective is to expand this field’s scope,” he added.

Women and Child Affairs State Minister Geetha Kumarasinghe said that it is an important approach that women entrepreneurs have been able to take businesses and innovations to the market through digital marketing through Suhuruliya. She also said that women’s economic empowerment is an essential matter and the guidance provided by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka should be appreciated.

She also said that women can go a long way in society economically and socially if they have their own thinking, attitude and commitment.

Women, Child Affairs, and Social Empowerment Ministry Secretary Yamuna Perera, Technology Ministry Additional Secretary A. K. R. Alawatta, Professor Malik Ranasinghe, Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka Chairman Dr. Yasas Abeywickrama, South Asia META Policy Programs Manager Sameera Jayawardena, Information and Communications Technology Agency Associate Chief Digital Economy Officer and over 200 participants were present.


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