Microsoft wants to let you enjoy game demos with its Game Pass subscription service

  • Xbox maker Microsoft is working on allowing its Game Pass subscribers to play game demos before buying or installing them.
  • Codenamed Project Moorcroft, the new feature is still under development but is expected to roll out within the next year.
  • Initially, project Moorcroft will be focused on independent game developers.
  • Reports suggest that Xbox will compensate developers for these game demos.

Microsoft is working on Project Moorcroft to bring early access to game demos to Xbox Game Pass subscribers. The company took the wraps off its new project in a
blog post.

Project Moorcroft is still under development, but the company plans to roll out game demos within the next year. According to the company, initial focus will be on independent developers and they will be compensated for giving access to game demos. This will also offer insights into how their games are being received by users, which will help them make any tweaks if needed.

Project Moorcroft is a part of Microsoft’s Xbox platform announcements for 2022. The tech giant is also bringing a new Xbox TV app to Samsung TVs later this month.

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However, Microsoft is the first company to publicly announce such plans. Back in April, a
report claimed that Sony is planning to mandate two-hour trails for its upcoming games to boost the PlayStation Plus offering. Meanwhile, unlike Microsoft, Sony isn’t offering any extra perks like compensating developers for game demos.

In a statement, Sarah Bond, Xbox’s Corporate Vice President for game creator experience and ecosystem said, “When we create different options for creators around how they choose to monetise, we’re giving them more creative freedom at the same time. And we feel that we have a critical role in that, so the more we drive that innovation, the cooler and more innovative games are going to come out of leveraging that innovation.”

Microsoft didn’t announce any solid timeframe for when Game Pass will be available with demo games but it did mention that Project Moorcroft games will be rolling out to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers soon.

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