New voting system for Greenwich RTM passes major test; ‘technology has finally caught up with us’

GREENWICH — After completing a major test of a new system, the Representative Town Meeting will change the way it votes at a milestone meeting Dec. 12.

At that meeting, the 230-member nonpartisan RTM will debut its new voting system. The classic voting cards will be gone, and the new electronic clickers will take their place.

The new system has been tested for months, with RTM members undergoing training since the summer. Now, RTM Moderator Alexis Vouglaris is ready to put the change into place.

“The technology to do this has gotten considerably better,” Voulgaris said. “The clickers are very easy to use. They’re not cumbersome.”

The RTM tried to make a change two decades ago, “but back then they were like Jeopardy clickers, with wires and it was very cumbersome,” she said.

“And now people are more familiar with how to use their mobile phones and smart technology. The technology has finally caught up with us.” Voulgaris said. 

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