PatchWorld Co-Founder Melodie Mousset on Tech Times Exclusives #51

Tech Times Exclusives #51: PatchWorld Co-Founder & Artistic Director Melodie Mousset discusses how to unleash your creativity in the marvelous musicverse of PatchWorld! 

What is PatchWorld?

As described on their website PatchXR, PatchWorld is the metaverse as your own playground with the emotional power of music.

About PatchXr

PatchXr is a Swiss-Danish studio focused on sound and vision in mixed realities. The studio was founded in 2020, but according to the team, it actually began much earlier. Its team consists of award-winning artists, designers, engineers, musicians, and explorers blending cultures and talents to harness immersive technology for the imagination. These people have worked in gaming, procedural audio, and visual art for decades and have produced work seen in museums and festivals across the globe.

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