Tech Art helps preserve Vietnam’s cultural, artistic heritage values

The launch of Tech Art is expected to help combine the creative arts and modern technology, and connect domestic and international creators working in the fields of traditional, contemporary, and technology art.

The trend of choosing modern electronic tools and digital devices to create art works is gradually becoming more popular, in which “Digital Art” has been contributing to bringing art works closer to the public in an effective way.

Social networks and online networking platforms are also creating global connections for artists and art lovers around the world.

Tech Art opens up opportunities in preserving and promoting the values of Vietnamese cultural and artistic heritages through promoting the application of Blockchain technology with the VMAIN platform for the art field.

On the occasion, cooperation agreements between Tech Art and its partners were inked, setting up partnerships to preserve and promote the values of Vietnam’s cultural and artistic heritage values, contributing to introducing Vietnamese art and cultural heritages to the world.

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