Tech Center stays up-to-date with Showcase

The Huron Area Technical Center brought elementary and middle schoolers across the county to see what it had to offer at this year’s showcase Wednesday, March 15.

“We’re very proud of what we do and love having the chance to show it off and to see all the great things they can do if they come here,” said Tech Center Director Lane Walker.

The showcase featured new interactive programs, such as a virtual reality simulator, where participants tried to navigate the chaotic world of fast food prep. There was also the new MILO Range system, which can simulate dozens of scenarios for firearm safety and law enforcement training using only a projector and a few modified handguns. The scenarios include handling a school shooting, dealing with a normal traffic stop, and “Time Crisis” style shooting galleries where you have to be careful not to shoot civilians.

Walker said that the Tech Center does its best to always be up-to-date with the latest in tech education so it can provide an engaging experience for students and show how career technical education is different and provides a good educational opportunity for students, especially in Huron County. This is why the showcase offers something new every year for students and parents to come and see.

“I’ve said this before: we are a small place in the Thumb, but we have a huge multitude of things to offer kids,” he said.

The showcase was started in 2022 to replace the open house that had been held in previous years. The first showcase turned out to be a huge success, so the decision was made to continue with it instead of going back to the open house.

“Last year we had over 400 people come to the showcase night,” said HATC Assistant Principal Theresa Hessling. “The students love being able to showcase what they’ve been working on and are excited about this.”

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