Tennis fan divides the internet with hot dog eating ‘crime’

An Australian Open fan has sent the internet into meltdown with their hot dog eating technique.

The video of the fan eating the hot dog was uploaded to Twitter by comedy and sports content creator Josh Garlepp and has already been viewed over 36,000 times.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Tennis fan eating a hot dog causes an uproar on social media.

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In the video, the fan, who is sitting high in the stands during a match at the Australian Open, can be seen with a hot dog in their hand.

The person then breaks off a small bite-sized portion and eats the piece before the clip cuts out.

Social media was unforgiving to the fan about their controversial hot dog eating technique.

A tennis fan at the Australian Open has been caught on camera eating a hot dog in an unusual manner. Credit: Screenshot

According to the Twittersphere, the fan commits a number of ‘crimes’ while eating the hot dog.

“The biggest crime here is that there is no sauce or mustard,” one person wrote in reply to the video.

“Any chance of some sauce on that dog?? Looks dry,” another person said.

“Good lord, that is making me thirsty looking at it. Put some sauce or mustard on it, for the love of God,” another person wrote on Twitter.

One person “felt ill” after watching the video.

However, one person on Twitter replied and said the fans’ hot dog eating technique was perfectly fine.

“This act precedes normal eating behaviour and ensures precise snag/bun ratio, especially on the first and arguably most important bite. Any other conclusion is an oversight.”

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Coco Gauff breaks down in tears during post-match presser.

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