Top Tech News Today- July 22: Facebook India Worried About Its Growth; Zoom Phone Gets E2E Encryption And More

With so much happening in the world of technology, it may get difficult for you to keep track of the latest updates. To help you with the top tech headlines for July 22, 2022, here’s today’s top tech news of the day:

Facebook Is Worried About Its Growth In India As Women In India Decide To Stay Away From Facebook

Facebook is facing a hard time with growth in India, which is one of its biggest markets outside of the United States. The company’s recent quarterly report highlighted the drop in users from India, citing high mobile data prices. But a new report from Reuters, says that Facebook has more than data prices to blame for this drop.

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Facebook has come out with its own research that looks at the company’s business in the Indian market over the past few years and they seem to have chalked a set of issues that are far more complex than just high data prices.

The research suggests that women have moved away from Facebook in India, citing worries about their safety and privacy. It clearly states that women leaving Facebook will never help the platform succeed in India.

The other main reason for the possible slowdown of Facebook’s growth has been attributed to content riddled with nudity, which again seems to be pushing away users to other platforms. The report also mentions that a complex UI and lack of support for local languages could also keep users away from Facebook in India.

Zoom Brings End-To-End Encryption For Its Cloud Phone Service

Video chat app Zoom has announced that it is bringing an end-to-end encryption feature to its cloud phone service Zoom Phone and it will soon be available on Breakout Rooms.

Zoom said that users will have a new option to upgrade to end-to-end encryption during one-on-one Zoom Phone calls between users on the same Zoom account that occur via the Zoom client.

During a call, users can select “More” and see an option to elevate the session to an end-to-end encrypted phone call. The upgrade takes a second and helps add an extra layer of privacy to your phone calls over Zoom.

When enabled, end-to-end encryption will provide that the call is encrypted using cryptographic keys known only to the devices of the caller and receiver. Additionally, users can verify E2EE status by providing a unique security code to one another.

To make a Zoom Phone call tend-to-end encrypted, users need to have a few things in place first, such as the account admin will have to turn on E2EE via the web portal, callers will need to be on the same Zoom account.

They can only make one-to-one phone calls, both callers have to use the Zoom Phone desktop or mobile client (PSTN is not supported) and both the callers will need to have automatic call recording turned off.

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WhatsApp Now Officially Lets You Migrate Chats From Android To iPhone And Vice Versa

WhatsApp now brings official support for you to transfer chats from Android to an iPhone and even the other way around. The messaging app has teased the feature for quite some time, but now it is available for users to go ahead and use this capability without any concern.

While the migration from iOS to Android has been around for over a year, we recently got the ability to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone. You need an iPhone with iOS 15.5 version or later, while the Android phone needs to have Android 5 or above installed.

The latest WhatsApp version is compatible with this support on an Android device, Make sure both the devices are factory reset and connected to a power source. They also need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

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