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New Delhi. Google is a popular search platform. Although ChatGPT has knocked in its competition. It is an AI ie Artificial Intelligence based search platform, whose entry has raised the concerns of Google. Although Google is a free open searching platform. Google does not charge any fee for this. But Google earns through advertising. While a monthly subscription will be taken to run ChatGPT.

Rupees will have to be paid to run ChatGPT
According to the report, ChatGPT has introduced its professional plan. For this you have to pay some money monthly. It is being claimed in the report that three types of plans will be offered by ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Free Plan
The first plan of ChatGPT will be absolutely free. In this, users will get some basic search results.

ChatGPT add plan
Whereas the second plan of ChatGPT will be ad-based, in which you will be provided with more features than basic with advertisements.

ChatGPT Premium Plan
The same will be the third premium plan of ChatGPT. In this premium plan, users will get exclusively exclusive service. However, for this, users will have to spend $ 42 every month. That is, its cost will be around Rs 3400 per month. Although the plan of ChatGPT for India has not been introduced.

Rs 3400 is too much
Indian users say that the monthly subscription of Rs 3400 is very expensive. In such a situation, Google’s free service is fine. Users say that it is okay to search anything on Google, many websites have to be searched. But free is also fine. But Rs 3400 for ChatGPT is very high according to Indians.

Note -ChatGPT is a new technology, which will take time to develop fully. In such a situation, according to time, technology can become user friendly.

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