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After buying a new smartphone, the question often arises: where are the children old? You can put it in a closet, having previously charged it to the maximum division, or you can give the gadget a “new life” and start using it as a remote control or navigator.

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Of course, a smartphone that started to work poorly will bring little benefit. Read about the top 5 ideas on how to use your old smartphone to good use in the GLOBAL HAPPENINGS article.

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Drivers can use the functionality of an old smartphone to make driving easier and save money on the purchase of a navigator. The phone is advised to reset to factory settings, extract the “seven” from it and download the appropriate applications. The gadget can work as a navigator or a video recorder.

You can save battery on your new smartphone by listening to music while draining your old one. Just download your favorite music to your phone and enjoy.

On an old smartphone, you can store photos, videos, documents and other materials, using them as needed. The gadget will be a kind of additional drive or “flash drive”.

By downloading the app, you can use your used smartphone as a remote control. It’s not just about TV. The phone can be used as a switch to all smart appliances in the house.

You can buy another SIM card and use your old smartphone as a personal phone for a separate category of contacts. Or an additional worker – depending on the needs.

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