What We’re Expecting to See at Google’s I/O 2023 Event

Google’s I/O 2023 event is coming up, an annual occasion where the search and tech giant reveals a bunch of things it’s working on in the Android realm.

Last year, Google used the I/O event to reveal the Pixel 6a and tease the Pixel 7 range before those devices were given a dedicated reveal later on in October.

This year, we’re expecting a bit more of the same, though we’ll keep an eye out for surprises.

Let’s run through Google’s next event, Google I/O 2023, and talk about what may be on display.

Google I/O 2023: What the event may bring

Android 14

We’re bound to see at least some Android 14 updates at Google’s incoming I/O event, and if last year was any indicator, Google will dedicate a presentation to some of the new features. It’s expected that the new version of AndroidOS, which is owned by Google, will include a new back gesture feature, battery life improvements and improved accessibility.

Wear OS

Google’s Pixel Watch was first unveiled at the I/O 2022 event last year, and while we’re not necessarily expecting a follow-up device to come until later this year, Google may spend some time at I/O 2023 going over some new Wear OS features, especially after recently publishing new guidelines for the Wear OS platform.

Artificial intelligence

Google announced it’s ChatGPT AI competitor Bard earlier this year, but it hasn’t been celebrated heavily since the initial blog post. So, it makes sense that Google would use I/O 2023 to talk about its AI technology a bit. Android Police reports that Google may demonstrate several AI technologies, including a fashion ‘try-on’ AI for YouTube videos, a video trimming AI, and an AI wallpaper generator.

New phones (in particular, the Google Pixel 7a)

We’re expecting to see the Google Pixel 7a at Google I/O 2023. Like the ‘a’ suffix phones before it, the Pixel 7a is expected to be a budget version of last year’s Pixel 7 series, including the same Tensor G2 chip, but with an upgraded 90hz screen over last year’s Pixel 6a, which had a 60hz screen. We may also get a glimpse of the Pixel 8 range, as last year, Google used I/O 2022 to reveal the Pixel 7 range for the first time.

The Pixel tablet and foldable

While rumours about both devices have circulated for some time now, with the Pixel tablet even receiving a small spotlight at I/O 2022, we may finally see a foldable at the I/O 2023 event. We’re definitely looking forward to these devices.

When is Google’s I/O 2023 event?

Google I/O 2023 will take place on Thursday May 11 and will stream from Mountainview California. You’ll be able to tune into Google I/O 2023 from YouTube.

It’ll begin streaming at 4am on May 11 AEDT, if you’re interested in getting up early to tune in.

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