Woman trying to find “cheating” boyfriend on Tinder divides internet

Online opinions are split on a woman named Monica, who seemingly created a Tinder account with the goal of finding and confronting her “cheating” boyfriend.

A screenshot of Monica’s profile was shared in Reddit‘s “Tinder” forum over the weekend by an anonymous poster under the username u/StillbornTartare. It has garnered more than 13,000 upvotes and over 300 comments from Redditors who couldn’t decide if the woman’s response to her boyfriend’s alleged behavior was funny or “toxic.”

“Ah, funny story,” Monica’s bio began. “My man [is] JUST swiping on here and nothing more. Thought I’d hop on and JUST swipe like he is. It takes two to tango babe…Call me when you see this.”

Sadly, research suggests that one in four online daters are creating profiles to cheat. In the event a person finds themselves face-to-face with their significant other’s online dating profile, dating coach Perri Schneider said it’s important to remain calm.

The internet is split over a woman who seemingly created a Tinder profile to find her “cheating” boyfriend. The comments ranged from messages of support to the woman being called “toxic.”

“Relationships best function with communication and honesty,” Schneider previously told Newsweek, adding that, before freaking out, an individual should take some time to sort through their feelings. Once that has been done, the individual should approach their partner and attempt to have an honest conversation.

Of course, if an individual feels as though their partner is lying to them, Schneider said they need to determine whether or not the relationship is worth fighting for.

“The first step you can make is having a calm discussion and begin with exactly how you feel. Share the concerns you have with your partner and why you feel worried that they are not being truthful,” Schneider advised. “If you cannot trust your partner, that is a bigger issue.”

Many commenters felt that Monica should’ve dumped her boyfriend the moment she caught him cheating, and called her “toxic” for creating the profile.

“Toxic as f**k. Just end it,” wrote u/violetprismsnthings.

“Yeah, I think I’ll skip the front row seat to their petty drama that should have been handled as soon as she found out,” said u/georgewashingguns.

“Just break up with him if you don’t trust him,” commented u/kangareagle. In response, 4coffins wrote: “Lol yeah they should both grow up and move on. How could this possibly end well for their relationship?”

One Redditor added: “Big toxic energy.”

And one asked: “What if he’s not cheating?”

Others, meanwhile, thought the profile was funny, and some even said they’d swipe right.

“Lmfao…I should have done this exact same thing! You go girl!” exclaimed u/Mysterious-Cod8194.

“Hell yes! This is an epic plot twist,” said u/EnergizzerBunny. “I love it!”

“Absolutely I’d swipe right. My urge for a juicy story is much stronger than my desire for a date,” admitted u/Nathan_Teese.

Other posters from Reddit’s “Tinder” forum to go viral in recent weeks include a man who was forced to relive an “embarrassing date” after matching with a high school crush on Bumble and a man who invited more than 60 Hinge matches to a Memorial Day barbecue.

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