To every man who told me not to worry about losing abortion rights

I’ve shared my fears with my male friends and partners and over the years I’ve heard the same things:

“You’re over reacting”

“That would never even come close to happening”

“I think you’re making a mountain out of a mole hill”

Gee thanks, assholes. For years I’ve been seeing the trend of abortion rights slowly being chipped away at. I’ve watched as red states tried their best to punish the women under their control. I’ve watched as SCOTUS was packed with “justices” that obviously would overturn Roe v Wade the first chance they had. And where are we now? Where are we at right now.

The attack on our rights is no longer “theoretical” for women, trans men, non binary people, or minors. It never was. So if you ever told someone they shouldn’t worry: Shut the fuck up for once and actually listen to us.

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