More than half of Dominican households without internet access – Prensa Latina

The survey data showed that connectivity percentages vary according to the socioeconomic level of users: only 8,9% of households in the very low group have a connection compared to 94,1% in the very high group. On the other hand, the Cibao Norte region has the highest percentage of households with Internet with 58,1%, followed by the Ozama region (52,2) and Cibao Sur (48).

Another important fact is that 75,4% of households do not have a laptop computer and a similar percentage lacks tablets (74), while 7,7% of households do not have cell phones. Finally, the study specified that, of the population enrolled in virtual or blended mode during the most complex stage of the pandemic, 43,6% did not have a desktop, laptop or tablet and 62,3 received classes from a cell phone during 2020 and 2021.

Recall that the 2020-2021 course was largely virtual and more than 90% of students received instruction through the virtual modality.


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