What does ‘IMO’ mean? Know use of this famed internet, texting acronym correctly

Now it is very confusing to know all the colloquialism used in texts and on social media. It might feel easier for someone, but for others it is difficult to decode them.

What ‘IMO’ means?

IMO is a an abbreviation for “in my opinion”. Most often it is used in texting when someone is voicing their opinion.
The acronym can be expound in uppercase, and it is very familiar abbreviation used in chatting, twitter and in other parts of social media.

When to use ‘IMO’:

“IMO” is most preferably used in an informal chatting or in an usual texting.

Usage of ‘IMO’:

Here are the few sentences explaining how to use “IMO”:
• “IMO, the remake version of the movie is not as good as the first one.”
• “One should prefer more cleanliness in order to avoid viral diseases, IMO.”
• “IMO, comfort of home is sweeter than outing.”


  1. What does IMO refer to a Texter?
    “IMO” is internet or texting acronym for “in my opinion”.
  2. How do one use IMO slang?
    It is used to indicate that someone’s words shouldn’t be taken as fact, as it is just an opinion.

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